Eat and Drink at The Wilds
WED 26 May–SUN 6 June

Eat and Drink at The Wilds

Assisted Access

Two kitchens featuring nightly collaborations between some of Australia’s most acclaimed chefs.

[The Wilds](/festival-program/the-wilds) is a sensory overload, a supernatural forest of ice, art, sound and moonlight. And to make the most out of it, you’re going to want sustenance.

With its full takeover of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, The Wilds will invert your expectations of the Bowl, and the same is true of its food offering. Situated halfway along your journey into The Wilds, you’ll find our two specially installed kitchens, housing nightly collaborations between some of Australia’s most celebrated chefs—each of who will push each other and their respective skills in unexpected ways.

There’s no lining up to place your order here. Simply grab one of our communal tables—beneath the canopy of one of the Bowl’s grand, rarely-seen trees —and order via the Mr Yum QR codes: it’ll be ready in no time. If you'd prefer a sit-down meal, you can book a table at our luminous restaurant, The Lighthouse.

Kitchen 1—Shannon Martinez

Kitchen one will be hosted by Shannon Martinez, founding chef of Fitzroy’s pioneering plant-based diner Smith & Daughters, and chef of the newly opened Lona Misa. She’ll reinvent classics from those restaurants with the help of guests including her Lona Misa partner (and chef at Ganzo, French Saloon and Kirk’s Wine Bar) Ian Curley, Tuck Shop Take Away and 1800 Lasagne’s Joey Kellock.

Wed 26—Sat 29 May
Smith & Daughters X Hector’s Deli

Sun 30 May—Tue 1 June
Smith & Daughters X 1800 Lasagne

Wed 2—Fri 4 June
Lona Misa X Ganzo

Sat 5—Sun 6 June
Smith & Daughters X Tuck Shop Takeaway

Kitchen 2

In the second kitchen is a red-hot run of blink-and-you’ll-miss-them collaborations. Thi Le, of Richmond’s casual fine diner Anchovy; globetrotting chef Charlie Carrington meets Tom Sarafian; Casey Wall—executive chef of perennially cool diners Capitano, Bar Liberty and Fitzroy bakery Falco—meets Colin Wood; and Lee Ho Fook’s Victor Liong continues his long collaboration with good mate Chase Kojima, the Japanese chef behind Sydney’s Sokyo.

Wed 26—Sat 29 May
Bodega Nights: Colin Wood X Casey Wall

Sun 30 May—Tue 1 June
Anchovy’s Thi Le

Wed 2—Thu 3 June
Atlas Dining X Tom Sarafian

Fri 4—Sun 6 June
Chuuka: Victor Liong X Chase Kojima

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